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SSC phone # (604) 295-8872


We are very happy that we could get back in person and our cadets can not only improve their skills in various areas, but can make friends, socialize and be in charge of their own responsibilities. Above all this, we, SSC members, want to make sure that we support them in this with as much training as we can provide. This won’t happen if we don’t have enough budget. Many of our flying lessons have always been supported by fundraising activities that SSC members planned and executed since the facilities and the budget from Air Cadet League of Canada is limited and there are many squadrons in BC and all over Canada to be covered.

As per years before the pandemic, we are planning several fundraising events during this year and would like to ask you to support our cadets by supporting these events. How do you do that? You can do your purchase as many as you need and also, spread the word among your family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, or anyone you know. 

For the first time, we are launching Coffee Fundraising event from October 25 - November 30, 2022.

We thought this is a great idea for small Christmas Gifts or Stocking Stuffers for your family or friends. 

It’s a very easy step. Just click on our customized button below and purchase the quantity you want and choose “group order”. Your coffee bags would be delivered to us and on Wednesday nights you can come and grab them. Or if you want to have it delivered to your door, you can select the option which comes with a cost. For each bag you buy, we get $5 back to our squadron. Let’s help together and hit this to raise $2500 for our cadets.


Stay tuned for more fundraising events coming like Domino Pizza Fundraiser Card, Cineplex Movie Tickets, ongoing Recycling Cans & Bottles, etc. Please remember by putting your purchase through our Fundraising Events, you are not only supporting our cadets and local businesses, but also our great community.


If you still have any questions regarding how to support our cadets in these fundraising events, please feel free to send an email or approach us on Wednesday nights and we would be glad to answer all your questions.

and SSC phone # 604 295-8872.

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