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To join, please register with the Online Registration Tool.

All forms and copies of identification are to be emailed to

Registration closed Dec 14th. We will be accepting new cadets Sept 2023.

Who Can Join?

Membership in the Air Cadet program is voluntary.

To be eligible for membership as a cadet, a person must:

  1. be a resident of Canada;

  2. not belong to another cadet organization; 

  3. be of not less than 12 years of age upon enrolment and not have attained his or her 19th birthday;

  4. produce a statement of medical fitness in accordance with orders issued by the Chief of the Defence Staff;

  5. be of good character;

  6. provide the commanding officer of the appropriate cadet corps with

    • written consent from one of his or her parents or guardians, and

    • proof of age; and

  7. be acceptable to the Commanding Officer (CO) of the cadet corps.

The CO of the cadet corps or squadron shall review and approve all membership applications; however, they shall consult with the Regional Cadet Support Unit (RCSU) when there is uncertainty as to whether an application meets the basic membership standards or an application requires special consideration such as:

  • application from a youth who is not yet a legal resident of Canada; and

  • application from a youth who has a medical, physical or mental condition specified in Part 2 of the CF 1158 that cannot be accommodated.



The following items are required for registration:

  • Complete Online Registration Form (FAQ) or download Membership Application Form

    • Cadets are encouraged to provide their personal email for invitation to the 759 Microsoft Teams
  • A COPY OF Government Issued Photo ID (e.g. passport or BC ID Card)

  • A COPY OF BC Care Card/Services Card (or proof of equivalent health insurance coverage)

Original Identification will be verified at the first in-person training opportunity.


There is a $220.00 assessment per cadet to assist us in paying for aircraft insurance and extracurricular activities payable by e-transfer or cheque.

Please contact the Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) with any questions or concerns.

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